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Jimmy G’s Dry Aged Steak

Special thanks to the staff and owners of Jimmy G’s
Jimmy G’s ~ 435 Elm Street ~ Cincinnati, OH 45202 ~ 
For reservations call: 513-621-8555 

Recipe by Chef Jimmy Gibson
Adapted for Noshable Notes by Adhrucia Apana

Grilling Tongs
Large Plate to mix dry rub
Squeeze bottle or Gravy Boat
Fillet or Boning Knife

Ingredients (For 1 Person)

(Recommended) Bone in 18 oz Dry Aged New York Strip Loin-1 ½ thick (Available at Jungle Jim’s locally)
For steak dressing: Mix equal parts of Duck Fat & Clarified Butter/Ghee (Available locally at Jungle Jim’s)
Bunch of Watercress
Bunch of herbs (thyme, rosemary, oregano)
Kosher Salt
Cracked Pepper
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder ( Your choice on type)
Pink Salt (Jimmy uses Murray River Pink Salt)
(Available locally at Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices)


1)      Allow your steak to reach room temperature.  Slice some of the fat off the outside edge using your fillet/boning knife leaving a thin layer of fat to add flavor to your steak.

2)      Mix 3 parts Onion Powder with 3 parts Garlic Powder, 2 Parts Chili Powder,  1 Part Kosher Salt and 1 Part Pepper in a large dish or container big enough to hold your steak

3)      Generously season each side of your steak with the mixture by dipping each side of each steak into the dry rub

4)      Heat your grill on high till it is very hot.  (Check if grill is ready by sprinkling a drop of water on the grill.  If the water evaporates immediately your grill is ready)

5)      Once your grill is ready place your steak on the grill positioned on a bias to your grill’s grid (so the grid on the grill creates diagonal marks across your steak).   Allow first side to sear for 2 minutes.  After 2 minutes flip steak and allow your steak to sear on the other side for 2 minutes.

6)      Remove steak from high heat using a pair of grill tongs (do not use a fork to move your steak or it will puncture it and cause your steak to bleed out) and place it on a medium/low heat area of the grill to continue to cook.   Grill and additional 1 minute on both sides (rare) or 2 minutes 30 seconds on each side (medium).

7)      Soak a bunch of herbs (Jimmy uses Rosemary & Sage on the branch) in water and then olive oil.  Use the herb bunch to brush extra flavor into your steak during the cooking process by brushing the top of your steak with the olive oil soaked herbs.   After you brush your steak place the entire herb bunch on top of the steak while it is cooking to further saturate your meat with flavor.

8)      Remove your steak from the grill 30 seconds before it is fully complete and allow to rest on a cooling rack for 4-5 minutes

9)      Right before serving, return your steak to grill for about 30 seconds to “re-thermalize” (reheat) the surface of the meat.

10)   Plate your steak and garnish by dressing your steak from end to end in the mixture of duck fat and clarified butter.  Sprinkle the top with a generous pinch of Pink Murray River Salt.  Tuck a small bunch of watercress under or to the side of your steak and clean the outside rim of your plate of any splattered dressing or salt to add that restaurant finish!


Jimmy G’s , 435 Elm Street,  Cincinnati, OH 45202 

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